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Re: I see lift off in the eyes

Posted by Terra on 2/12/05
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    On 2/11/05, LindaC in OK wrote:

    > precious letter from a special baby.
    > did look at art work and will look more when I feel better.
    > Kimmy found a wonderful home.
    Thank you Linda! I know we have had her only a short time, but I
    couldn't imagine being without little Kimmy. She has added so
    much to our lives already, and has been wonderful therapy for
    teen sibling rivalries. LOL (they now whisper their arguments;
    I'm knocking on wood). Hope you are feeling better Linda,
    sending healthy thoughts your way! How's Lilo doing?

    Call me crazy, but I can see lift off in Kimmy's eyes. She
    stretches tall, extends those beautiful wings to the fullest and
    just flaps away. Hmmm, wonder if this will be the day...On her
    second trial of a bath, she atleast waded this time while I did
    all the splashing. LOL We're getting closer, maybe??? Still
    just plays with the broccoli, but she is eating beans and peas!
    And she has already learned to step up and down on command. 5
    weeks old tomorrow.

    She did regurgitate(?) a little bit of her cereal for the 2nd
    time on me. Once at Mary's and then last night, I was the one
    feeding her both times. Her stools, eyes and energy level are
    normal. But this time, I truely felt as if she was really giving
    it to me (am I nuts?), as she walked up my thigh and on up to my
    chest, bobbed, chattered and then did it right down the inside
    of my shirt. LOL, warm dribble. Not sure if this is an insight,
    my imagination (Oh no, I am nuts!) or something I might be doing
    wrong and/or should be concerned about. Ate breakfast just fine
    and still coming out the other end very well!!!

    Now that she is eating some of her veggies and millet, how can I
    tell she's getting enough? I'm still giving her cereal after the
    veggies and I quit when she shows no interest, but it can very a
    lot (the cereal). No sign that she is eating from her dish in
    her home, but does the millet.

    Sorry my post are so long. You'll have to excuse me, I am just
    so excited about this adorable cutie and know I still have so
    much to learn.

    Thanks Everybody,