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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Terra on 2/13/05
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    On 2/12/05, LindaC in OK wrote:

    > I don't think she regurged I think she was too full or her crop
    > pushed on. It's easy to push on and they can aspirate so I don't
    > handle too much after syringe feedings.
    That's too funny! You never know! (switching doctors) Anyway, I hope
    you both get it figured out and on the road to recovery quickly!
    And TY for the info!

    Kimmy did her first flying hops last evening. It was sooo cute. I
    know her wings must be clipped, for safety and to follow my State
    Laws. But being a new bird owner, how do I know when Kimmy has built
    her confidence enough to have them clipped. I have read, get them
    clipped from the beginning thru waiting till they have full flight
    for a few weeks.

    I would love to hear everyones opinion, so I could attempt to make a
    sound decision for my little Kimmy.