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Re: Linda, what is SPRITZ?

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/24/05
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    as I said before Aloe is healing and comforting and works great with
    showers. Bird dander is more controlled using this also. All my
    birds get spritzes with aloe water as well as most take a bath in

    On 2/23/05, los wrote:
    > Aaaah. ok.
    > And so you put aloe in the water? What does that do?
    > On 2/23/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> spritz/spray/mist all the same thing.
    >> On 2/22/05, los wrote:
    >>> On 2/16/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >>>> They just know it is nearing spring time...I don't find any
    >>>> difference in male/females when this is taking place by the
    >>>> way.
    >>>> to nicely discourage behavior put out some toys in a
    >>>> bowl/basket on cage top or table top to get her/him busy.
    >>>> qtips, soda pop lids, craft sticks, small measuring spoons
    >>>> are all great extra toys.
    >>>> Do you spritz with 1/3 aloe juice/2/3 water? It is a great
    >>>> thing for comfort. if they get in bath container I sprtiz
    >>>> some in that.
    >>>> good luck,
    >>>> lc