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Post: TY Linda and Mary

Posted by Terra on 2/19/05

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    Thank you for the wing clipping info Linda! Hope you and
    Lilo are feeling much better by now.

    And thank you Mary for taking the time out of your busy
    hours to clip Kimmy's wings for me. I don't think she was
    a happy camper at first, But she is back to her ole self
    now. She even finally tried out her little ladder on her
    playground. She also swoops down beautifully and can still
    take some short flying hops, like coffee table to lap and
    back again. Made her a tent to sleep in out of her baby
    blanket and an old tropical shirt from many moons ago. I'm
    such a pack-rat, but knew it would come in handy some day.
    It fits her decor wonderfully!! And the bottom is attached
    to the sides with buttons (for her to play with) and so I
    can change her winter sides to summer sides and still have
    her same baby blanket (now stuffed like a thin, but sturdy
    mattress) that she has come accustomed to. She loves it!!
    Thanks again you two! We're all happy campers here!

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