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Re: Potty training

Posted by Terra on 2/19/05
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    On 2/19/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > When babys get down I 'always' put them back where they were
    > and if they do it again I put them in their cage. Honest my
    > birds just don't get down unless startled.

    Oh yes, we always did that at the beginning. Now she just
    comes down when called. The kids love to build with their
    legos and then have Kimmy play with their creation(s). When
    her playground is on the coffee table, and we are watching TV,
    instead of playing directly with her, occasionally she will
    step out of her boundry, but all we have to do is say Kimmy in
    a certain fashion and she will jump back into her boundry. And
    if she continues to do this to get our attention, we put her
    back in her cage. And she SQUAWKS! This gets ignored, and she
    is welcomed to come back out after she gets quiet for a bit.
    We can see the message is in progress. There is one on one
    time and group time, just like my children get.

    I was wondering, the kids now build things on a plastic
    playpen mat because of Kimmy's feces (easy to clean and
    disinfect), is she old enough (6 wks) to start potty training
    to keep it down to a minimal. And if so, where/how do we begin?

    Thank you,