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Re: True Story-Sad

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/06/05
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    On 2/19/05, los wrote:
    > EDGEWATER, Fla. - A firefighter accused of biting
    the head
    > off a pet parrot at a party was charged with felony
    > cruelty Monday and placed on administrative leave.
    > Lt. Bruce Coates, 34, was booked into the Volusia
    > Branch Jail but was expected be released on his own
    > recognizance after meeting with court officials
    Tuesday, a
    > jail official said.
    > Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said witnesses told
    > deputies that the off-duty Coates was at a party
    > Sunday when he took the Quaker parrot, valued at
    $200, off
    > someone else's shoulder, put the bird's head in his
    > and bit it off.
    > The parrot's owner later called the sheriff's office.
    > Coates told deputies he had been drinking alcohol and
    > could
    > not remember what happened. However, he was
    apologetic and
    > offered to replace the parrot, Davidson told The
    > Beach News-Journal.
    > Edgewater Fire Chief Tracey Barlow said Coates, with
    > department since 1991, came to him Sunday and told
    > about the incident.
    > He will stay on leave with pay pending the outcome
    of the
    > investigation, Edgewater fire spokeswoman Jennifer
    > said.

    That should be called Murder. I believe if you kill a human
    when you're drunk and if you kill a bird, its all the same-
    taking life... He should have 1st degree Murder.