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Re: Quaker talking ability

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/24/05
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    constantly repeat what you want him to say. If you drop
    something say 'uh oh' and when you feed him say whatever
    like 'yummy'. Many of my babys leave here at 2/3 months old
    saying 'step up' and 'yummy'. Little chatterboxes they are.

    Every morning I say 'good morning' as I am uncovering the
    birds in the house and at night it's 'nite nite'... I don't
    think my Lilo wanted to get up this morning she kept
    saying 'nite nite'. She is 1 1/2 and a love.

    My daughters q is the first one hatched here 5 years ago.
    clik on the link to hear him. Sometimes the files say you
    have to wait so I go back later. When she took him home and i
    went to the house I said 'Hi nana' to him because I didn't
    want him to say his own name. Now when he says Hi to me I
    say 'hi Jade, how are you?' and he says 'how are you?'. I
    say 'I am fine' and he says 'redneck'.. lol He is here with
    me while she is away for several weeks and there is never a
    dull moment. I have her other q and a tiel too.