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Re: Quaker talking ability

Posted by Lou Ann on 4/13/07
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    On 4/13/07, viola wrote:
    > On 4/12/07, cheri wrote:
    >> On 4/03/07, Melanie Frank wrote:
    >>> On 2/24/05, Sandra wrote:
    >>>> Hello,
    >>>> I have a 1-1.5 year old quaker. At the moment he does not
    >>>> talk much. He only imitates the words my Sun Conure says.
    >>>> Will he be able to talk a lot more when he becomes an
    >>>> adult?
    >>>> Sandra.
    >>> I have a 5 year old and she say (whatcha doin, good girl,
    >>> pretty boy, step up, and a variety of whistles which she
    >>> learns after hearing them only a couple of time) try a bird
    >>> cd it have various words and phrase that repeat throughtout
    >>> the cd. I put on when I leave for work for her to listen to
    >>> and set it to repeat.
    >> Hi Sandra... well I guess i will join in too!! I have my
    >> quaker Kiwi of my life.. lol he says Hi, Hello, thank
    >> you, Please, Kiwi good boy, Kiwi bad boy, kitty
    >> kitty kitty. Santa, Stop it, he kisses and mimics like when
    >> you stick your tounge out and make that noise, He says Bye bye
    >> sugar pie. and much more.. all I do is just keep talking to
    >> him every day... and then you can tell he practices and then
    >> it just comes out.. One time he even said a swear word..I did
    >> not encourage that and have never heard it again.. so with age
    >> I think so just keep going and talking to your little love and
    >> one day it just takes you by surprise.. I am working with my
    >> mustache now . Hopefully she will surprise me.. My Jenday does
    >> not say anything and My Goffin just mimics kissing.. ? So
    >> needless to say Kiwi is the talker here. Good luck let us
    >> know.
    >> Cheri
    > Hi sandra .... I got my cucumber from a friend and cucumber
    > had came from a abusive home... cucumber can say meow, here
    > kitty kitty, cucumber, mummy boy, are you a good boy, pretty
    > boy,I talk to my quaker everyday. They are a very smart bird and
    > sweet Just talk to him everyday and he will pick
    > up.
    > viola

    Hi, my quaker Codie is so funny and smart, when the cat goes by he
    says, here kitty, kitty, come here. He whistles for the dog and
    then says come here. He also says, I want to come out, good boy,
    ma ma, gobbles like a turkey and chirps like a hen turkey, Kisses,
    bye bye, night night, no, no bite, your such a good boy. I think I
    have the smartest bird in the world. Love my Codie.

    Lou Ann