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Re: Quaker talking ability

Posted by Kelly on 4/13/07
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    I have a 2 year old Quaker Parrot, and he says so many things it
    amazes me. He says the normal step up, what are you doing, OH MY
    GOD, he cusses, he says bad dog, bad bird, be a good bird, wanna
    take a bath, wanna go outside, are you being a good bird, uh oh,
    thank you, how does a chicken go then he bobs his head and
    goes "bock bock bock". There are many more, but my two favorite
    things he says are priceless. My bird's name is Nacho, and he
    sings "Nacho, Nacho Bird, I want to be A Nacho Bird" to the theme of
    the 80s song Macho man. He will also say "Are you OK?" if he hears
    anyone coughing. I didn't teach him this, he just picked it up on
    his own. He never shuts up. He talks all the time. He says Oh My
    God like 40 different ways. He barks like the dogs, he asks for
    water, he talks in full sentences sometimes.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you want a good talker, TALK
    TO YOUR PARROT!!! He's not going to just learn how to speak staring
    at the wall. Parrots take a lot of time and attention. Don't put
    them in a back corner of the house or you end up with screaming,
    unhappy nippy parrots. Put them in the center of your household,
    whether it be your kitchen, dining room, wherever there is the most
    action. When you want to teach them something, take them away from
    their cage. Or, just say what you want them to say over and over
    and over again. It's kind of hard for them not to learn if they
    never stop hearing it. Just spend time with your parrot, talk to
    him and he will talk to you!