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Re: Quaker talking ability/audios

Posted by LindaC in OK on 4/15/07
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    just have regular conversations with him. Jade is the first q
    hatched here 7 years ago. My daughter took him home when he
    was 6 weeks old. He pretty much grew up on her lap under the
    keyboard so he makes the typing sounds perfectly... says 'you
    got mail' among a zillion other things.

    My Lilo is 3 1/2 and has a wonderful vocabulary and
    understands much. I asked her one morning if she wanted her
    bath and she said 'want some water' and made bubble sounds so
    she knows they go together.

    I think the best is when I am chopping birdies veggies I hear
    her talking about 'yummy' and 'food' and 'apple'. too cute.

    clik on the link to hear Jade. the files are large so give
    them time to open.

    have fun :-)

    ~clik here~