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Re: Quaker talking ability/audios

Posted by Connie on 4/17/07
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    On 4/15/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > just have regular conversations with him. Jade is the first q
    > hatched here 7 years ago. My daughter took him home when he
    > was 6 weeks old. He pretty much grew up on her lap under the
    > keyboard so he makes the typing sounds perfectly... says 'you
    > got mail' among a zillion other things.
    > My Lilo is 3 1/2 and has a wonderful vocabulary and
    > understands much. I asked her one morning if she wanted her
    > bath and she said 'want some water' and made bubble sounds so
    > she knows they go together.
    > I think the best is when I am chopping birdies veggies I hear
    > her talking about 'yummy' and 'food' and 'apple'. too cute.
    > clik on the link to hear Jade. the files are large so give
    > them time to open.
    > have fun :-)

    Hi! I have a Blue Quaker named Dusty who's going on 4 years old
    and I've had him since he was a baby. When I talk to him, I talk
    in a slightly higher pitch than normal and he knows what I'm
    doing, teaching him words. He's also completely potty trained
    and we carry on complete conversations. Quakers are shy in
    talking too and prefer to just talk to a limited few. You can
    talk to him all day and when you're out of view, you'd be
    surprised what all he will remember and say. I wouldn't take a
    cool million for mine! He sits on one shoulder and my Jendaya
    sits on the other. Sometimes, I'm just the middle gal between
    the two. Have fun with yours. They are explorers, like shiny
    jiggly things and a real hoot!! Connie