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Re: A Question about Qyster Shells?

Posted by Michael L on 2/28/05
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    On 2/28/05, Donna wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I have a quaker, and every now and then she produces eggs,
    > because of my male lovebird, they are the best of pals,
    > lol, and sometimes things go a little to far around mating
    > season, and she produces eggs, Ofcourse i try everything to
    > prevent this but they love eachother to death and i cant
    > keep them seperated to long, they go nuts, they are not in
    > the same cage naturally, but they hang out together all day
    > with me and on their playgym. Now i know i have to keep her
    > calcium supply high around these times, with High calcium
    > veggies, and other supplements. But i was wondering about
    > oyster shells, because they say not to give your birds grit
    > and i was wondering if this was a similar effect as grit,
    > the reason i would give her this is for the high calcium in
    > it ofcourse, because sometimes she just dont wanna eat the
    > veggies, and i get worried. So if you can tell me if this
    > is safe and a good idea please let me know, and i will pick
    > up a container, Thanks in advance!!
    > Donna

    Oyster shells for hookbills is not your best choice, but they
    certainly could have small amounts if they choose.
    A better sorce would be cuttle bone or calcium in a liquid
    form, added to their drinking water.
    Another product, which could be sprinkled over their soft/wet
    food, would be human-grade bone meal. It's a great source of
    calcium, too.

    Michael L