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Re: A Question about Qyster Shells?/Michael

Posted by Michael L on 2/28/05
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    On 2/28/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Michael
    > i didn't know it was not good or i would not feed it to my
    > budgies, what about crushed egg shells in eggs, my birds love
    > that!!! Oh foowie, Well sorry i was mis-lead.

    I wouldn't say you were mis-lead. Any of the grits, oyster
    shells, etc. are just a bit harder for the hookbills to digest,
    whereas with the finches and canaries, they swollow thier seeds
    whole and rely on grit to break them up in the gizzard.
    Crushed egg shells are fine as they tend to break down much
    easier than grit or oyster shells.

    Michael L