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Re: A Question about Qyster Shells?/Kitty

Posted by Michael L on 2/28/05
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    On 2/28/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/28/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Michael
    >> i didn't know it was not good or i would not feed it to my
    >> budgies, what about crushed egg shells in eggs, my birds love
    >> that!!! Oh foowie, Well sorry i was mis-lead.
    > Kitty,
    > I wouldn't say you were mis-lead. Any of the grits, oyster
    > shells, etc. are just a bit harder for the hookbills to digest,
    > whereas with the finches and canaries, they swollow thier seeds
    > whole and rely on grit to break them up in the gizzard.
    > Crushed egg shells are fine as they tend to break down much
    > easier than grit or oyster shells.
    > Michael L

    Just wanted to add, since you will find those that will tell you
    NEVER feed shell or grit, that I do give all my hookbills some
    coarse mineral grit/oyster shell blend. In moderation, it poses no
    long term harm.

    Michael L