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Re: Need Help / Prozac for Brids? for Mkay

Posted by Robin P. on 3/01/05
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    Well I'll tell you my own vet's stance on it,and any vet's credo is
    supposed to be "First Do no Harm". In your birds case,I would think
    maybe the vet feels it's an extreme enough case to need
    medication.I had one case that required meds,an Umbrella that had
    been badly abused by the previous owner,he was so nervous he shook
    when the vet went to take him,he was just terrified of
    everything,and he was ripping skin,which can cause infections,etc.
    I'm also assuming he did a skin scrape for's weird
    because most "night pluckers" end up being because of mites,because
    mites are active at night.They also start on the legs.
    So basically you have to consider,is this treatment actually going
    to help,personally in alot of cases I think the meds are used as a
    stop-gap,and don't actually help the problem.Much like the
    cone,sure,the bird quits plucking while wearing it,but usually
    about the time the cone comes off so do the feathers.
    I was asked if I thought about medicating Beaker,she breaks my
    heart sometimes when she gets on a bender,but in her case I do not
    think it would help at all,she's not a nervous bird at
    all.Chamomile had no effect on her.(She and the other 2 are
    currently bopping along to Don Maclean's "American Pie",tone-
    deaf,the lot of them)
    It may be that since your bird responded to the chamomile,he
    thinks the prozac will help.It's a tough decision,and
    ultimately,you know what's best for your birdie.