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Re: Need Help / Prozac for Brids? for Mkay/ To Robin

Posted by Mickie on 3/01/05
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    On 3/01/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Well I'll tell you my own vet's stance on it,and any vet's credo is
    > supposed to be "First Do no Harm". In your birds case,I would think
    > maybe the vet feels it's an extreme enough case to need
    > medication.I had one case that required meds,an Umbrella that had
    > been badly abused by the previous owner,he was so nervous he shook
    > when the vet went to take him,he was just terrified of
    > everything,and he was ripping skin,which can cause infections,etc.
    > I'm also assuming he did a skin scrape for's weird
    > because most "night pluckers" end up being because of mites,because
    > mites are active at night.They also start on the legs.
    > So basically you have to consider,is this treatment actually going
    > to help,personally in alot of cases I think the meds are used as a
    > stop-gap,and don't actually help the problem.Much like the
    > cone,sure,the bird quits plucking while wearing it,but usually
    > about the time the cone comes off so do the feathers.
    > I was asked if I thought about medicating Beaker,she breaks my
    > heart sometimes when she gets on a bender,but in her case I do not
    > think it would help at all,she's not a nervous bird at
    > all.Chamomile had no effect on her.(She and the other 2 are
    > currently bopping along to Don Maclean's "American Pie",tone-
    > deaf,the lot of them)
    > It may be that since your bird responded to the chamomile,he
    > thinks the prozac will help.It's a tough decision,and
    > ultimately,you know what's best for your birdie.

    Thank you Robin P, you know the vet didn't do a Skin scrape and now
    that you mention it, I never though about it. I wash the cages and
    toys throughly once a week with plain hot water, is there anything
    else that I should do to keep mites away, assuming there are mites in
    the cage, she only goes for her legs and always at night. I don't use
    any desinfectants. I would try anything before I put on prozac.
    Thank you so much.
    on the cages