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Re: Need Help / Prozac for Brids? for Mkay/ To Robin

Posted by Robin P. on 3/02/05
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    On 3/01/05, Mickie wrote:
    > Thank you Robin P, you know the vet didn't do a Skin scrape and now
    > that you mention it, I never though about it. I wash the cages and
    > toys throughly once a week with plain hot water, is there anything
    > else that I should do to keep mites away, assuming there are mites in
    > the cage, she only goes for her legs and always at night. I don't use
    > any desinfectants. I would try anything before I put on prozac.
    > Thank you so much.
    > Mickie
    > on the cages

    Ok,here's an easy but not 100% way to check for mites.Cover the cage at
    night with a clean white cloth,towel,paper towel,whatever.In the
    morning,first thing,check the towel with a magnifying glass,the mites
    will look like little red dots.
    There's not really a good preventative other than what you're
    doing,those mite protector disks don't work and they are toxic to your
    birds.I'd check for mites before trying drugs though.You can get good
    mite sprays at most pet shops.