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Re: Another problem with Willow

Posted by Mickie on 3/05/05
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    On 3/05/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 3/05/05, Mickie wrote:
    >> I was just cleaning Willow's cage and had her on my
    >> shoulder, she always likes to watch when I do it and all of
    >> a sudden she grabed my earring and pulled a small saphire
    >> from it and swallowed it. It all happened too fast.
    >> I can't get a hold on my vet. Will she pass it?
    >> Please...Robin P? Anyone? Help
    > How big is "small"? Did she choke at all? Try feeding her
    > some apple,or grapes,something to help her pass it faster.

    Thanks Robin, I found the stone in the bottom of the cage
    sometime later. I don't know it she spit it out or pooped it
    out. It's a small stone but not "tiny", she didn't choke I
    heard a clink clink and it was gone. Thank God she got rid of
    it on her own. No more earrings when I'm holding her lol.
    Thanks again.