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Re: 3-year-old Quaker afraid of everything

Posted by rose on 3/10/05
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    On 3/05/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > are you wanting to sell or what i have two that were missed
    understood and now are very loving birds thank you rose
    > I don't know about stubborn but it's a bird attempting to fit
    > into a human world.
    > I start toys on top of the cage so birds get used to seeing
    > them. I also have a toy basket attached to the outside edge
    > with zip ties to put things in so they can toss them out.
    > some birds talk, some don't. some talk in context some talk
    > after being covered. I just love them for what they are all
    > individuals. love these quakers. :-)
    > good luck to you,
    > On 3/05/05, Rhonda wrote:
    >> Can anyone offer advice for a Quaker parrott that is afraid
    >> of everything. I've tried everything to introduce new toys,
    >> perches, etc., into or outside the cage, but the bird goes
    >> ballistic with a temper tantrum. It may calm down after a
    >> bit, but pays absolutely no attention to the new
    >> introduction or is incredibly aggressive towards the new
    >> addition. This bird is also what would be called a screamer.
    >> It has the ability to say about 10 words, but now refuses to
    >> learn anything new. By refuses, I mean when you try to work
    >> on new words, it replies by beginning the "echo" game, i.e.,
    >> it says pretty-pretty to everything you say to it or just
    >> squawks. It's very stubborn.