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Re: quakers

Posted by Robin P. on 3/10/05
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    On 3/10/05, louis borg wrote:
    > why are quakers popul;ar with bird keepers in the usa ?

    Hmm...America has kind of a love/hate relationship with the
    Quaker parrot.They can be the neatest little birds,they are a
    very unique personality compared with other parrot
    species.They have a fantastic talking ability,and are highly
    intelligent.A well-raised Quaker can be the best pet you ever
    had.They are also alot more affordable than most parrots.They
    breed very readily and easily (usually) they are coming in
    the neatest color mutations.Basically,very neat birds.(That's
    the upside)

    > is it true thier is are feral flocks?

    Yep,in many states the Quaker is illegal,due to their
    adaptability,and nesting in places such as power
    stations,destroying small crops, has a
    list of where they are legal or not,as well as photos of
    feral Quaker colonies.Quakers thrive in the snow,unlike many
    parrot species.

    > what country do quakers come from?

    South America,basically.Down there they are considered a HUGE
    pest by farmers.

    Distribution: Rio Grande do Sul, extreme southeast Brazil;
    Uruguay; northeast Argentina in provinces of Entre Rios,
    Santa Fe, Cordoba and Buenos Aires.

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