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Re: quakers

Posted by louis borg on 3/11/05
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    On 3/10/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 3/10/05, louis borg wrote:
    >> why are quakers popul;ar with bird keepers in the usa ?
    > Hmm...America has kind of a love/hate relationship with the
    > Quaker parrot.They can be the neatest little birds,they are
    > very unique personality compared with other parrot
    > species.They have a fantastic talking ability,and are highly
    > intelligent.A well-raised Quaker can be the best pet you
    > had.They are also alot more affordable than most
    > breed very readily and easily (usually) they are coming in
    > the neatest color mutations.Basically,very neat birds.
    > the upside)
    >> is it true thier is are feral flocks?
    > Yep,in many states the Quaker is illegal,due to their
    > adaptability,and nesting in places such as power
    > stations,destroying small crops, has a
    > list of where they are legal or not,as well as photos of
    > feral Quaker colonies.Quakers thrive in the snow,unlike many
    > parrot species.
    >> what country do quakers come from?
    > South America,basically.Down there they are considered a
    > pest by farmers.
    > Distribution: Rio Grande do Sul, extreme southeast Brazil;
    > Uruguay; northeast Argentina in provinces of Entre Rios,
    > Santa Fe, Cordoba and Buenos Aires.
    thank you ROBIN P for that wonderful information about quakers

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