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Re: Quaker diet..

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/15/05
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    On 3/13/05, Missy wrote:
    > On 3/13/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> I personally do not feed any nuts to my several quakers.
    >> With them prone to Fatty Liver Disease I strive to keep them
    >> on as low fat diet as possible.
    > Thanks Linda. We didn't include nuts in their diets so I was
    > worried we were doing the wrong thing. Glad to know its ok to
    > pass on them. Thank you.


    At a bird fair not long ago I bought a 'different' seed mix and
    it looked okay with lots of stuff in it. I probably look a bit
    nuts myself picking out all the peanuts..... lol dang, wish they
    wouldn't do that. No waste though I toss them out to wild birds.