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Re: Now I know what to fix for dinner

Posted by Robin P. on 4/12/05
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    On 4/10/05, Learn to Read wrote:
    > I DO NOT put down any of the birds or pull the feathers from
    > live birds. All the house type birds came from breeders from
    > here in the Midwest. I do not mean to offend anybody with
    > these bird skins. I am just trying to help people find the
    > feathers that they would like to have for the crafts that they
    > make.
    > ___________________________________________________________
    > The above sentence is from the ad. It's no different than
    > wearing leather now is it? Oh wait, the leather didn't die of
    > old age, an accident, etc. It was allowed to live and then
    > killed so we could enjoy good purses, shoes, steaks, etc.

    I picked up some good steaks yesterday,thanks for the reminder.