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Posted by Robin P. on 4/13/05
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    On 4/13/05, disgusted wrote:

    > It is differant dufus.
    Ok,we can disagree without showing our butts or name calling.You
    can make your point in an intelligent manner,name calling simply
    makes you look stupid,and degrades your point.

    We don't eat quakers, lovebirds, or
    > parakeets. We also don't have cows lurking around in flight
    > cages in our homes.

    This is a speak for yourself kind of thing.Maybe "we"
    don't,but "budgerigar" means "good food".They're considered a
    tender treat.People in India have cows as pets and worship
    them.What's gross and offensive to one person,is not so to
    (For my personal perspective on this,please see a different

    And how do you know what kind of purses
    > people have?
    > I would NEVER buy those or any craft made of those it is sick.
    > Might as well be a canibal. That goes for any stuffed animal.

    You might not,but many people do.Feathers sold at the store or in
    a pillow don't come from a tree,they're just in a better
    package.Maybe they didn't come from a cockatiel,but is the
    ability to say "pretty bird" the only thing that makes them
    valuable? (hence my perspective on the poor selling
    techniques,all it is)