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Posted by KarenH on 4/13/05
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    We may not eat these species but everywhere else I bet they are

    I saw a picture from Venezuela of a native wearing only a
    loincloth. He had a couple of B&G macaws and a couple of scarlet
    macaws in each hand. They were dead and he was holding them up by
    their feet, like we do a turkey. His family ate good that day.

    The picture was very upsetting to me but to that man it's no
    different than turkey hunting is to us and he can't go to the
    supermarket and buy something that has been prekilled and cleaned
    up. It's done that way here so that we Americans can buy meat and
    not associate it with an animal. I mean come on lets call
    hamburger cow, pork pig, and mutton sheep because that's what they
    are, dead animals. I think the names were changed so people don't
    have to associate it with killing. We are so removed from nature
    that it's pathetic.

    On another note::

    What do you mean cows don't tell us hello or pretty cow? I swear I
    heard the whole herd of cows in the flight cage next to my
    driveway(also called a field) wolf whistling. They do it every
    morning, kinda like a wake up call. LOL hehehehe

    Dufus, Karen

    Oh and I thought it was spelled doofus. I learn something new here
    every day.

    > It is differant dufus. We don't eat quakers, lovebirds, or
    > parakeets. We also don't have cows lurking around in flight
    > cages in our homes. Cows don't tell us hello, or pretty cow,
    > or wolf whislte at us. And how do you know what kind of purses
    > people have?
    > I would NEVER buy those or any craft made of those it is sick.
    > Might as well be a canibal. That goes for any stuffed animal.