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Re: How?

Posted by Kitty.J on 4/02/05
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    On 4/02/05, Nikole wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I like to have my bird on my shoulders while I am watching
    > TV or reading the book, or just communicating with him,
    > but there is one problem:my bird keeps dropping on me! My
    > q is if there is any way to teach your bird to control
    > droppings and what kind of?
    > Thank you

    I have taught my bird not to poop on my bed only me. You
    should be thankful for that:). And if you dislike dropppings
    just where used clothes you don't mind have poopies on ya.
    This is what i do. Well when i have sitting on my bed with
    my legs stretche dout my birds like to nap on my lap. And i
    have learned when to notice when they will poop. Usually a
    few minutes after you feed them, especially with watery food
    or liquids. And well i cannot stop it always but its gotten
    better, by....??% lol. Not quite the surest though, but it
    doesn't bother me, only.... My friends, they just haven't
    found the true beauty in it.