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Re: How?

Posted by MKay on 4/03/05
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    On 4/02/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 4/02/05, Nikole wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> I like to have my bird on my shoulders while I am watching
    >> TV or reading the book, or just communicating with him,
    >> but there is one problem:my bird keeps dropping on me! My
    >> q is if there is any way to teach your bird to control
    >> droppings and what kind of?
    >> Thank you

    There's a lady I know who makes shoulder covers for exactly
    this purpose. She posts on the classifieds here, but here is
    what she has posted on Ebay. If you want to order from her
    without going through Ebay, just e-mail her by clicking
    on "contact seller" when you're looking at the item. It will
    be on the right side.

    They're priced very cheap; I've seen these at bird fairs for
    $13 - $25. She sells them for $6 and $7. Plus, she's a very,
    very nice and generous person. Her jewelry is wonderful; I've
    bought a few of her hand-made items and they're priceless.

    De-Ce's shoulder covers