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Re: How?

Posted by Michelle Flaherty on 4/13/05
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    On 4/02/05, Nikole wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I like to have my bird on my shoulders while I am watching
    > TV or reading the book, or just communicating with him,
    > but there is one problem:my bird keeps dropping on me! My
    > q is if there is any way to teach your bird to control
    > droppings and what kind of?
    > Thank you

    They do sell those shoulder covers, but your friend can be
    potty trained too.

    Start by just being aware when he is getting ready to go and
    say "potty" or what ever word you will use like "do your
    business" "GO" or what ever. Always use the same word.
    Every time you notice him getting ready to go say "Potty" or
    your word for it and after he goes, reward him as if he has
    done a trick. It won't take long before he is aware of
    what's going on. After a few day of this, say "potty" or
    your word for it before you take him out and give him a
    minute to comply, take him out and give him a treat. After
    he starts doing it regularly, you can get him to go over
    what ever you want him to like a paper towel, newspaper or
    trash can as long as you notice the tell tale tail shake the
    comes before the going. Our Cockatoo will go and get on any
    newspaper that happens to be on the floor or in the recycle
    box when he is playing on the floor and has to go.

    Good luck! Let us know how the training goes!

    Michelle Flaherty