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Re: How?

Posted by Terra on 4/22/05
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    On 4/02/05, Nikole wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I like to have my bird on my shoulders while I am watching
    > TV or reading the book, or just communicating with him,
    > but there is one problem:my bird keeps dropping on me! My
    > q is if there is any way to teach your bird to control
    > droppings and what kind of?
    > Thank you

    Don't know if this will help any, but here is what Kimmy
    does. I tear paper towels into quarters and lay them by her
    playgroud. When she potties, I would pick one up and wipe
    her playground clean. Now, she picks one up, lays it on her
    playground and goes on the paper towel and yells "did it
    again". That's what my kids always say when she goes. LOL
    She only does this for her playground though. We've tried
    them in her cage, but she just shreds them up there.