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Re: How?

Posted by Terra on 4/25/05
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    > That is soo cool!!! Okay sorry if i am stealing some of your
    > ideas, but i am going to try that, lol. Maybe not with the 'did
    > it again' part but maybe, lol. :D

    You go for it girl! Kimmy picked this up on her own, the only
    thing I really did was clean the mess ASAP. Like I said, she just
    shreads the towel when in her cage. But then again, I only clean
    her cage once a day, maybe if I clean her cage ASAP, she would
    start doing it for herself in there too! hmmmmm sure sounds like
    it's worth a shot. And to Kimmy and I, this is not stealing, this
    is sharing. After all, birds of a feather stick together! Good