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Re: MKay/How?

Posted by Terra on 4/25/05
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    On 4/22/05, MKay wrote:
    > Terra, that's amazing!!! A true testiment to the intelligence
    > of a parrot. Kimmy is still so young-I'm impressed!
    > I had a couple bird owners over late last night. The lady
    > about wet herself when, though the birds were all covered and
    > the light was off (past their bedtime).. I meowed like a cat.
    > Suddenly you hear Cory calling "HEEEEEeere kitty-kitty-kitty-
    > kitty" Then, silence again until she laughed, he laughed,
    > then it was all over. Everyone was up. So I did a bad thing
    > and interrupted their sleep. Just had to uncover and
    > apologize to each one. I let them sleep in this morning. :)

    That is so funny! Had to tell my kids about this one, now they
    are trying to teach Kimmy ""HEEEEEeere kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty"
    Yep, Kimmy is 3 1/2 months old now. She can say, hello, Kimmy
    pretty bird, good girl, did it again, kisses, uh oh, nite nite,
    and peek-a-boo. And to think, I thought her first and favorite
    words would be mmmmm yum yum. It's not even in her vocabulary
    anymore. LOL Oh yea, Benjamin taught her to give five. And she
    finally loves bath time and splashes away!! It is so cute! She
    loves apples! When she sees one in someones hands, she
    automatically says, "KIMMY GOOOOOOOD GIRL" And she will keep
    saying it until we have her do something and she gets a sliver.

    Hugs, Terra