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Post: Quaker and mutilation

Posted by Spanky on 4/10/05

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    I have a 5 year old Quaker named Spanky. He has a
    plucking/mutilation problem. It started a about 4 years
    ago he plucked and bite his neck so badly that he needed
    stitches. We found out that he had a crop infection. Now
    he is plucking and biting his thigh to where it's
    bleeding. We made collar out of a toilet paper roll
    wrapped in gauze until we can get him to the vet tomorrow.

    It really is disturbing.... do they do this because
    they are sick or because of an emotional problem?? I mean
    if he were plucking his neck I would think that he might
    have another infection, but his thigh..... what could
    cause him to bite himself till he bleeds there??

    I am at my wits end.

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