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Re: Quaker and mutilation

Posted by Michael L on 4/10/05
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    On 4/10/05, Spanky wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have a 5 year old Quaker named Spanky. He has a
    > plucking/mutilation problem. It started a about 4 years
    > ago he plucked and bite his neck so badly that he needed
    > stitches. We found out that he had a crop infection. Now
    > he is plucking and biting his thigh to where it's
    > bleeding. We made collar out of a toilet paper roll
    > wrapped in gauze until we can get him to the vet tomorrow.
    > It really is disturbing.... do they do this because
    > they are sick or because of an emotional problem?? I mean
    > if he were plucking his neck I would think that he might
    > have another infection, but his thigh..... what could
    > cause him to bite himself till he bleeds there??
    > I am at my wits end.

    Sorry to hear about Spanky. Regardless of the species,
    plucking can be a result of emotional, health or dietary
    issues. It's good that he is going to be seen by your vet so
    that a diagnosis can be made. I hope it's something that can
    easily be corrected for both of you.
    If you do get into a situation where you need a collar for
    your bird, a friend of mine found that the insulation, foam
    tubing that goes on to pipes to prevent freezing works very
    well. You already have a slit in it and you just cut it to
    the needed length required for the bird you are wanting to
    collar. She had a Nanday hen breeder that just ripped her
    chest open without obvious reason and it required several
    stitches. The collar that the vet provide did not last and
    she and her husband came up with this idea. It worked
    beautifully and did not come off.
    Best of luck to you and Spanky.

    Michael L