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Re: What should I do?

Posted by KarenH on 4/13/05
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    At night put a white papertowel in the bottom of your bird's
    cage. In the morning take a magnifying glass and check the
    paper towel. Mites will be little red thingies on the towel.
    You can then buy some mite spray and spray your bird and clean
    and spray the cage. Or you can take it to a vet to have it

    I'd ditch the bird protector. They stink like insecticide and
    are not good for your bird to be around 24/7.


    On 4/13/05, Emily wrote:
    > I think my bird has mites!!! :( She doesn't pull
    > feathers out, but she bites at herself (usually under her
    > wings or close to them). She doesn't seem to hurt herself
    > at all. No bleeding or even a bare spot. How do I get
    > rid of them? I have a bird protector, but it doesn't seem
    > to make a difference.