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Re: quaker loves me, hates everyone else (and shows it).. HE

Posted by Alison on 4/23/05
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    On 4/23/05, Alison wrote:
    > Hi,
    > My boyfriend and I co-own a quaker parrot named Kermit.
    > He's a really great bird to me, but only to me, and he's
    > mean to everyone else. We live in a house turned into
    > apartments and the same people are always around every day,
    > or at least as often as I am, and you would think that he
    > would be used to everyone by now.
    > At first Kermit was cordial to everyone, and then one day
    > he simply "decided" that he didn't want to like anyone else
    > except me. even people he had been friendly with before.
    > I've known him the longest, as he used to belong to my
    > roommate, who had to sell him to me due to financial
    > difficulty, so I understand that he's bonded with me. But
    > he never used to be this way. He had always been social and
    > very friendly, never bit anyone, and now he squacks and
    > screams and bites viciously anyone who comes near him, with
    > the exception of my boyfriend, whom Kermit fears and runs
    > away from.
    > I don't know what to do to help Kermit be friendly again. I
    > think part of his boldness comes from his clipped wings
    > starting to grow in but I don't know. Any suggestions? I
    > want my friendly bird back!
    > ---
    How old is Kermit? It may be that he has reached sexual
    maturity and has chosen you as his mate. -Alison-