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Re: quaker loves me, hates everyone else (and shows it).. HE

Posted by Alison on 4/24/05
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    On 4/24/05, Alison wrote:
    > My roommate got him last summer and now he's probably close to
    > a year old. Hmm.. I never thought about that. That would make a
    > lot of sense... But what can I do to make him nicer??
    Unfortunately, if it is sexual aggression, you cannot do anything
    to 'make' him nicer to other people. You will just need to ride
    it out. But you can do things to try and speed up that process a
    little bit. Let the other people you want him to tolerate give
    him his treats and special stuff sometimes. Let them open his
    cage and let him out for playtime. You may never get him to
    really like them, but you may get him to tolerate them without
    the aggression. Good luck. -Alison-