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Re: quakers are laying but they refuse to go in the nest box

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/16/05
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    First thing is how old is the pair. Male has to be about 18
    months and female 2 years to be mature enough to care for
    eggs and babys.

    It isn't abnormal for them not to know what to do with a
    first clutch no matter the age.

    All I do if I find eggs on cage floor or flight floor is show
    them the egg through the entrance hole.

    Is your nest box attached from outside so you have access to
    eggs and for checking babys? Should be in a high up position
    with a perch nearby for them to have access.

    What is the nesting material? Pine shavings is okay if aired
    out but I use odorless Aspen shavings by Kaytee. ooops you
    said pine. Could be they don't like the pine.

    Are they on a good diet of seed, pellets, millet spray and
    lots of healthy fresh foods with cooked foods also?

    I have to feed tiel babys. Will check back soon to see if you

    good thoughts,