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Re: venting

Posted by Michael L on 5/18/05
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    On 5/18/05, Andy wrote:
    > Does this happen often?
    > Why do ppl make it so difficult to sell a quaker? They ask
    > a million question. (That part i don't mind).
    > After days of talking they decide that YESSSS they looovee
    > to have him. Set an appointment to come and i wait and wait
    > and no show. Can anyone tell me why it is so hard to pick
    > up the phone and tell someone that they either changed
    > their mind or could not make it. I just don't get it why do
    > ppl make app. if they have no intent on keeping it. After
    > all i rather they be honest because i want my Q's to go to
    > the best home possible. Sigh

    Looks like you need a T-shirt!

    Michael L