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Re: Quaker Parakeet

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/23/05
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    On 5/23/05, MKay wrote:
    > I don't know where you're located; if you're in OH I can
    > suggest places, but wherever you go, call first. Some places
    > still clip only one wing. Both need to be clipped evenly. I'd
    > ask other parrot owners in your area where they take theirs to
    > be clipped. Personal reference is always better than a shot
    > in the dark.
    also make sure you ask /in advance not as they are doing it/
    whoever does this to check each feather for blood so they don't
    cut into a blood feather..... I clip 8 feathers on each side
    wanting my q's truly grounded to cage area and playgym. The rest
    of the house is Mine. lol

    I also clip when they are babys about 7 weeks old or so... when
    they can fly, maneuver under doorways and land gracefully then I

    Do you know about feeding fresh foods??? Most important in diet.
    I will check later and so will others I'm sure.... :-)

    good thoughts your way. Hope you stay with our group.

    LindaC in OK