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Re: Birds and the bees question??

Posted by Val on 5/31/05
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    On 5/31/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > If you're sure you have a male,I wouldn't worry about it.If
    > your bird is a hen (and yes,girls do it too),you ought to
    > remove the toy in question and practice "birth control"
    > methods,of cutting back the daylight hours,rearranging
    > things,changing your feeding schedule around,things like
    > that.You don't want her to start dropping eggs,if it is a
    > her.Males don't lay eggs,so it's not a worry for them.

    Not sure of the sex. We've have always refered to him as a
    male. He/she is 3 yrs. old and has never dropped an egg.