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Re: Birds and the bees question??

Posted by Robin P. on 5/31/05
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    On 5/31/05, Val wrote:
    > Not sure of the sex. We've have always refered to him as a
    > male. He/she is 3 yrs. old and has never dropped an egg.

    3 is actually just getting sexually mature.But some females go
    their entire lives without ever laying an egg.
    If it were mine,I would do DNA on it to be sure.or just go ahead
    and take the steps neccesary to ensure eggs do not come.
    A female that gets into habitual egglaying can become very
    aggressive,deplete her calcium,causing her to become
    eggbound,break bones,or even have a heart attack from it.

    I use Avianbiotech for DNA myself,have never had them be wrong
    once yet.