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Post: need advise about feedings

Posted by Andy on 5/31/05

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    Sigh... I am at a lost. I am leaving out of town for a
    family gathering. I have a pair of Q's that i put up for
    their 1st yr of breeding. I had given up hopes that they
    would breed this year, decided that the girl was a
    procrastinator lol. Of course i was wrong, right when i was
    going to take her box down till next yr... she laid an egg.
    The problem is i wont be here to handfeed. We had some
    sadness earlier in the year and i would really like to go.
    I am trying to find someone who will take over the
    feedings. This is of course a IF everything goes smoothly
    for this pair.... Just trying to be prepared. Do i post my
    add on the wanted add or for sale adds or here on the q
    chat board? Has anyone had to leave while their babies
    where still in the nest box... and what did you do about
    feedings? Thanks a Bunch

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