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Re: need advise about feedings

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/31/05
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    On 5/31/05, Andy wrote:
    > Sigh... I am at a lost. I am leaving out of town for a
    > family gathering. I have a pair of Q's that i put up for
    > their 1st yr of breeding. I had given up hopes that they
    > would breed this year, decided that the girl was a
    > procrastinator lol. Of course i was wrong, right when i was
    > going to take her box down till next yr... she laid an egg.
    > The problem is i wont be here to handfeed. We had some
    > sadness earlier in the year and i would really like to go.
    > I am trying to find someone who will take over the
    > feedings. This is of course a IF everything goes smoothly
    > for this pair.... Just trying to be prepared. Do i post my
    > add on the wanted add or for sale adds or here on the q
    > chat board? Has anyone had to leave while their babies
    > where still in the nest box... and what did you do about
    > feedings? Thanks a Bunch

    Not sure how long you plan to be away and I've read this 3

    IF the eggs are fertile the incubation is from 24/28
    days 'about'.... I pull babys at about 10 days old for hand
    feeding so we are talking some time away from now.... If the
    parents don't feed they must be pulled sooner and someone has
    to know what is going on.

    Who will feed the adults? They need healthy fresh foods now
    Andy and throughout their lifetime. kale, broccoli, romaine
    lettuce for starters. soft foods so they will know they are
    available when they have babys. mashed hard boiled egg and
    cooked brown rice is good.

    I gave up a trip to England this year because I have so many
    babys....... just having birds is a commitment and breeding?
    well I have been committed...