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Re: When quakers lay with dogs..

Posted by Emma on 6/03/05
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    On 6/03/05, MKay wrote:
    > Thanks, Limey. LOL!
    > They weren't my hatches, but my quaker pair is busying
    > themselves with their nest right now. Maybe in the
    > rush!
    > I have more babies, but they're in a smaller brooder; they're
    > a bit younger. Quakerville is where I'm living right now.
    > Happy to be here! :)

    Hehe, well I'm sure yours are just as gorgeous. Quakers build
    fantastic nests, don't they? With twigs and things. I remember
    seeing a picture of a nest once and it was massive. I was going
    to get some Quakers for my aviary but there was some reason I
    couldn't... either incompatibility or noise, I forget which.
    They look like amazing birds though, a project for me in the
    future perhaps... ;)