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Re: Picture

Posted by Emma on 6/03/05
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    Wow they're beautiful.
    I love Quakers' beaks, they're really cute in some inexplicable way. How
    big is your Quakers' cage? They look very happy :)
    I was going out earlier to do their water but the rain got their first,
    I'm going to nip out and do it later though with my camera, to try to
    snap some of the babies (with the camera, not in half). I've got a very
    ugly but cute fat 'tiel chick in one box, he's an only 'tiel so he's
    very well looked after. Could you give me some advice on the nestbox
    topic on the other forum?

    I know this is the Quaker chatboard but I wanted to tell you that this
    little lady is sitting on two little canaries, hopefully they won't be
    yellow like their 6 half brothers and sisters!