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Re: Quaker Mutaion Breeding Question

Posted by Robin P. on 6/05/05
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    On 6/05/05, Mike wrote:
    > Hello All!
    > I live in central Florida and am a bird owner and hobby
    > breeder. I own only three pairs of birds and one pet bird.
    > I am considering breeding the Blue Mutation Quaker. If
    > anyone that has some knowlege of these beautiful birds
    > would veiw my questions here and would be kind enough to
    > take the time to share some insight, I would greatly
    > appreciate it..
    > (1) If I were to breed the Blue mutation Quaker, would I
    > need a BLUE MUT. MALE to breed with a GREEN SPLIT TO BLUE
    > FEMALE?...Or does that not matter which sex vise versa?
    > Basically, does the sex matter as to which one is the Blue
    > mutation?
    > (2) Can I breed two unrelated green split to blue quakers
    > to get some blue babies?
    > (3) Here in FL, what would be a fair price range for a
    > Blue mutation male or female? What would be a fair price
    > for a green split to blue male or female?
    > And..(4) Can any one here in FL direct me with a Blue
    > mutation Quaker Breeder?
    > Thanks SOOOO much!
    > Michael

    Explanations of basic Quaker Genetics-

    As far as #4,there is a guy that advertises in the Orlando
    Sentinel now and again that sells visual blues for $200-
    $250.Top price for a sexed blue Q is about $400.Splits are a
    waste of money unless you can find someone REALLY trustworthy
    (the rare gem of the bird world).And generally,alot of people
    sell "splits" that aren't actually split to anything,read the
    pages above.And they may not be dishonest,just not really