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Re: Quaker Mutaion Breeding Question

Posted by Robin P. on 6/05/05
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    On 6/05/05, MKay wrote:
    > GEESH
    > Blues in OH go for $600. $400 - 450 at bird fairs. Greens $2-
    > 275, $125 at shows.
    > I know someone here who bought a bunch of quakers from a mass
    > breeder in FL. They paid $40 ea. Out of nest here is $75 -
    > $100 for greens!
    > Amazing how different the prices are here in the midwest!

    Yep,I just bought a pile of Q babies for $40 each.You have to be
    careful though,to get them from a breeder and not a tree-raider!
    My blues I had last year I sold to a friend of mine,I only paid
    $450 for the pair.My "splits" I paid $100 each for,nonstop green
    babies from them!!!