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Re: Quaker Mutaion Breeding Question

Posted by LindaC in OK on 6/06/05
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    On 6/05/05, Mike wrote:
    > Hello All!
    > (1) If I were to breed the Blue mutation Quaker, would I
    > need a BLUE MUT. MALE to breed with a GREEN SPLIT TO BLUE
    > FEMALE?...Or does that not matter which sex vise versa?
    > Basically, does the sex matter as to which one is the Blue
    > mutation?

    **I don't think it matters but not positive now that you
    ask. The blue here is male and female green split to blue.

    > (2) Can I breed two unrelated green split to blue quakers
    > to get some blue babies?

    ** Not sure what you are asking here. 2 of 1 sex to 1 of
    other? Birds bond for life so please don't switch them
    around or set up threesomes if this is what you mean. I
    never ever switch mates. Never. Or maybe you are asking
    ratio? A blue and a green split to blue will produce 50/50.
    If you were to put a blue with a normal green you would get
    blue hatched with white down, green split to blue hatched
    with white down or normal green hatched with yellow down.
    > (3) Here in FL, what would be a fair price range for a
    > Blue mutation male or female? What would be a fair price
    > for a green split to blue male or female?
    > And..(4) Can any one here in FL direct me with a Blue
    > mutation Quaker Breeder?

    ** You can't go wrong with Tom the quakerman. He has health
    issues and not doing too well so I am sure that is his
    reasoning on super sale.

    ** VERY important item... please do not breed pairs that are
    too young. Males should be 18 months old and females 2 years
    old. Please......

    Feed your birds a wonderful diet of seed, millet, only 'some'
    pellets and lots of fresh and cooked foods and they will
    produce happy healthy babys for you.

    good thoughts for you,

    LindaC in OK