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Re: Quaker Mutaion Breeding Question

Posted by Birddog on 6/25/05
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    On 6/06/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > On 6/05/05, Mike wrote:
    >> Hello All!
    >> (1) If I were to breed the Blue mutation Quaker, would I
    >> need a BLUE MUT. MALE to breed with a GREEN SPLIT TO BLUE
    >> FEMALE?...Or does that not matter which sex vise versa?
    >> Basically, does the sex matter as to which one is the Blue
    >> mutation?
    > **I don't think it matters but not positive now that you
    > ask. The blue here is male and female green split to blue.
    >> (2) Can I breed two unrelated green split to blue quakers
    >> to get some blue babies?
    > ** Not sure what you are asking here. 2 of 1 sex to 1 of
    > other? Birds bond for life so please don't switch them
    > around or set up threesomes if this is what you mean. I
    > never ever switch mates. Never. Or maybe you are asking
    > ratio? A blue and a green split to blue will produce 50/50.
    > If you were to put a blue with a normal green you would get
    > blue hatched with white down, green split to blue hatched
    > with white down or normal green hatched with yellow down.
    >> (3) Here in FL, what would be a fair price range for a
    >> Blue mutation male or female? What would be a fair price
    >> for a green split to blue male or female?
    >> And..(4) Can any one here in FL direct me with a Blue
    >> mutation Quaker Breeder?
    > ** You can't go wrong with Tom the quakerman. He has
    > issues and not doing too well so I am sure that is his
    > reasoning on super sale.
    > ** VERY important item... please do not breed pairs that
    > too young. Males should be 18 months old and females 2
    > old. Please......
    > Feed your birds a wonderful diet of seed, millet,
    only 'some'
    > pellets and lots of fresh and cooked foods and they will
    > produce happy healthy babys for you.
    > good thoughts for you,
    > LindaC in OK

    Hi, just wanted to chime in on a few things that I read. DO
    NOT feed Quakers a lot of seed, they suffer from a fatty liver
    problem that will shorten their life. and if you breed a blue
    to a normal green, you will not get any blue with white down.
    You will get 100% green split to blue. Thanks.