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Re: It's not Telegraph Hill, but it's interesting neverthele

Posted by KarenH on 7/07/05
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    On 6/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    > Michael L
    I wonder if the wild quakers are filling a niche left empty by
    the extinction of the Carolina parakeet. I read that the
    Carolina parakeet loved cockleburs. Do quakers like cockleburs

    Of course the Carolina parakeet didn't have very many
    telephone lines to build their nests on but they did nest
    communally with several females sharing a nest and eggs. They
    were regarded as agricultural pests because they ate the fruit
    & grain crops.

    That's exactly what people are afraid the quakers are going to
    do, raid the fruit & grain crops. If the quakers' wild
    population in the USA grows, will history repeat iteself?

    Here's a pic of a Carolina parakeet, dead but still beautiful.